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How I Manifested a Job and a House For Free!

Welcome to the space of creation and reinvention!

Now you see me here telling you about the Law of attraction and giving you tips on how to manifest…but you might think if I am the right person to learn from, which is a valid question. Well, to begin with, I am a certified Law of Attraction and Transformational life coach, so I do have some credibility. But I have been practising Law of Attraction for years and successfully so, if I may so that myself.

One of the biggest manifestations was creating a job opportunity and a house for free!

It all began when I was actually not happy with my job at that time. I was being paid peanuts and I did not feel I was able to reach my full potential. So, I decided to make a thank you note to the universe saying how grateful I am that I have the perfect job with the pay I wanted (I mentioned the amount), and some specifics too, like how close it is to where I would live etc. I must have really felt grateful because, in less than a month, I got a message out of nowhere from one of the leading schools in the continent for the exact job position. I did not apply for it. I did not even have one of the important qualifications. But what I did have was confidence in my skills as an educator and in my subject knowledge.

So, naturally, I responded that I am interested. There was a telephonic interview which I did not know was an interview, I mean I don’t know what I was thinking, I just thought he wanted to know about me before the actual interview, which now that I think about it, does not make any sense. Then I was called for an interview with the head of the organization.

There was one problem, it was in a different state, the whole thing was way out of my comfort zone and the interview was in 2 days. It’s situations like these when we take inspired actions without even realising. So I thought, what the hell, the job is mine anyway! And booked the tickets and went for my interview. The interview lasted 10 minutes and the interviewer said and I quote “I have this instant liking towards you without knowing much about your competence. And I tend to go with my gut so I would like to hire you” (maybe this isn’t the exact quote but it was something very similar). I did not even have to worry about lacking the qualification or the experience. Things just fell into place. I had completely forgotten about my thank you note until I found it a month after I had started with the new job and it checked all the boxes. I was stunned but yes, a little thank you note to the Universe with a message of being grateful for already having something which you want, works miracles.

Now to the second part, rewinding to before I had gotten this new job. I was watching one of my favourite YouTubers, Yoora Jung, she had just gotten a new studio apartment and was moving in. She was shopping for kitchen supplies, groceries, some essentials like a Wifi router. Then she was setting everything up while dancing to Kpop songs in the middle of the night. I felt really excited and knew I wanted to experience the same. But at that time, I didn’t care that I did not have it yet. I just kept feeling the happiness and excitement while watching her do what I wanted to experience.

Fast forward to when I got the job, I also got accommodation and meals for free! The place I moved into was similar to her apartment except it didn’t have that good of interiors. Again, it wasn’t until a few weeks I had moved in that I was watching Yoora Jung again and I came across the video. That is when I realised, I got to experience everything that was in the video, I had to shop for my new place, get supplies, groceries, even WiFi.

It was incredible.

This made it clear more than ever that a powerful way to manifest something is to feel and experience already having it. Be grateful for it. And if you see someone else having what you desire, be assured that it is making your way to you as well. There is enough abundance, love and success for everyone in this world.

Hope this helped!

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