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The TRUTH about Manifestation: It is all about YOU

Welcome to the space of Creation and Reinvention!

In today’s post, we will be talking about one important thing which people often tend to forget while applying any manifestation techniques. The important thing is to be aware that manifestations work according to your beliefs. Which means that you are the one who makes the rules.

This has been said in our previous posts quite a few times, the manifestation techniques like scripting, vision boards, 11x1, 33x3, 3-6-9 etc, are all boosters. They will help you consciously manifest your goals faster but only if you believe that they will work.

Just like we said in our post about getting Evidence, comments or positive feedback of the effectiveness of a workout or a manifestation technique strengthens our belief that it will work for us too. If you believe that the best way for you to manifest anything is by visualization. Then visualization it is.

The reason we had to talk about it is that a lot of people opt for various kinds of techniques but forget to add the one important ingredient, belief. You have to have faith in what you are doing.

The second reason is the belief that manifestations will come to fruition with a bit tedious (for the lack of a better word) techniques like 55x5. Writing a statement 55 times at a go is definitely tiring for me. Halfway through my hand starts cramping and all the high vibrational emotions go down the drain. This is a reminder that you do not have to do these techniques to manifest something in your life.

Your belief that you will receive it is enough.

Your belief that just affirmations or visualisation will help you manifest faster is enough for them to work and get your manifestation faster in the 3D.

To summarize, your beliefs are the roots of your manifestations. You make the rules of how you will manifest anything.

So take it easy and just work on being mindful and creating aligned beliefs.

Hope this helped!

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