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Make your new year magical with this December Checklist

Welcome to the space of Creation and Reinvention!

Its December. 1 month left of the year and 1 month to go for the new year, the time when we all are looking forward to positive changes in our lives.

If you are ready for having an amazing abundance transformation for this new year, then keep on reading.

We have come out with a small checklist that you have to do every single day this month and just see your life magically changing.

We have taken together a few of the 21 days' journey along with a couple of new ones. They are extremely simple and we hope that they will increase love, joy, and abundance in your lives.

1. Blessings:

Every day, make it a point to give a compliment or bless one person at least. You can do it mentally if not verbally. It would be amazing if you blessed everyone you meet. This is one of the acts of unconditional kindness and it will improve multiple lives just by your simple actions.

2. Reaching out to one person you love every day:

It doesn’t have to be a human. It could be a plant, an animal, a bird, or a soul that has passed on to other dimensions. Reach out to someone you love, it could be your parents, a friend, or someone from the past, and just have an honest talk about how much you love them and you would want to take this beautiful connection into the next year. If you are doing this with a non-human, then write a letter to them.

3. 1 small act of kindness:

This is your next dose of unconditional kindness. You are going to do one act of giving/kindness every single day. It could be watering plants, dog sitting, giving food, charity, or just giving some time to help someone with some task.

4. Affirmations:

In this task, you will write 10 affirmations you are passionate about and want to see come true with all your heart. You will repeat them every morning and every night 10 times each.

If you want, you can check out our 21 days affirmation meditation journey on YouTube and meditate to change your self-concept for the better.

5. Wholesome visualization:

In this last task, you will end your day by visualizing a one-minute scene in which you are your best self, being happy, having fun with people you love, along with tokens of amazing things you have done, in your dream house, etc. Combine all the amazing wholesome things you want or already have in this one scene and repeat it till you fall asleep.

Do these 5 simple tasks every day for a month and witness abundance just flowing through you and your life.

Hope this helped!

If you want more posts or videos elaborating terms or steps mentioned here, you can comment them down below. You can also leave your requests for the topics you want us to cover in the future.

It would be great if you showed your appreciation by liking the post and sharing it with others to help them get started on this journey of reinventing yourselves and creating a new life you have always dreamt of.

Reach out to us with your success stories and feedback.

If you want a one on one coaching session with us, check our website and you will have all the information available to you there.

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