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Manifest your desires using the Placebo Effect

Welcome to the space of Creation and Reinvention!

In today’s post, we will talk about “the placebo effect”, what is it and how can we use it to our advantage while manifesting.

The placebo effect is not much different from what we talked about in our last post in which we talked about how beliefs are the driving force of manifestation. Our beliefs will materialise in our reality.

Simply put, the placebo effect, in the field of medical science is when people start showing after-effects of having gone under a specific treatment or medication even though the treatment was just a sham.

For example, if someone is suffering from pain and the doctor gives them a pain killer or what they say is a pain killer medicine, the person will start experiencing the effects of a pain killer, even if the tablet was not a pain killer, maybe just a sugar pill.

The person had a belief that pain killers are supposed to reduce pain and they just had what they thought was a pain killer, so their body automatically reacted to their beliefs of the pill instead of the effects of the actual pill.

If you recall, this is what we talked about in our previous video on our beliefs being the key while manifesting.

This is how the Law of Attraction works. This is how Subliminals work too. You have to believe that it will work for them to actually work.

Coming to the next part of the post, how do we use “the placebo effect” to manifest.

We will have to go back to the basics, create new beliefs which align with what we want.

Second, watch success stories. When you see how well some techniques have worked for others, it will increase your belief in the effectiveness of the technique. Hence, helping the manifestation process.

Third, if you want to, for example, lose weight, find out one or two simple and effective techniques or workouts, or at least something labelled as simple and effective. Believe that this will help. Believe that you will get your desired result in the desired time frame just by doing those exercises. Do not focus on the comments or anything that may tamper with your belief about the exercise.

Hope this helped!

If you want more posts or videos elaborating terms or steps mentioned here, you can comment them down below. You can also leave your requests for the topics you want us to cover in the future.

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