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One-stop, three-steps guide to manifest your dreams

Welcome to the space of Creation and Reinvention!

Hope you enjoyed the previous posts on December’s checklist and the post where we tell you why you will manifest everything that you desire, to make sure you are ready to have the best year of your life.

This post is for everyone who is either new to the concept of manifestation or has never taken conscious manifestations seriously. If you are looking for a fresh start and a fresh plan for your goals, this post is also for you.

Today, we will talk about a couple of things that you should do before you get into the techniques of manifestations. Let us begin:

1. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT This is the most basic and most important step. But it is also highly overlooked. A lot of people cannot choose their goals wisely, for manifestation. Sometimes people choose way too big goals, instead of focusing on the smaller goals. When they don’t see big changes, they give up. Sometimes people keep getting stuck on minor goals and are not able to focus on the bigger picture, hence, not manifesting breakthroughs. So you have to figure out a goal which is neither too big for you to believe in nor too small that you lose sight of the big picture. Once you have the goal, keep a reminder of it. It could be a goal card where you write your goal in the present tense, as if you have it (A technique I learned from Bob Proctor), or you can create a wallpaper for your gadgets.

2. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR LIFE WILL BE LIKE WHEN YOU HAVE IT: Once you know what you want, figure out how your life will be when you have it. How will you talk to yourself, how will you talk about yourself, how will you talk to others? What will your routine be like? Once you figure it all out, you can start visualising your life every night. You can also create wallpaper and keep it as a reminder.

3. FIGURE OUT WHT KIND OF TECHNIQUES WORK FOR YOU: This is another crucial step. If you don’t like writing, do not opt for techniques that involve a lot of writing. If you get distracted easily, do not opt for techniques that require you to focus for a long period of time. Choose a technique that suits you the best for the goal that you want to manifest and stick with it for a month.

Just these 3 steps are going to help you achieve your goal within a month!

Hope this helped!

If you want more posts or videos elaborating terms or steps mentioned here, you can comment them down below. You can also leave your requests for the topics you want us to cover in the future.

It would be great if you showed your appreciation by liking the post and sharing it with others to help them get started on this journey of reinventing yourselves and creating a new life you have always dreamt of.

Reach out to us with your success stories and feedback.

If you want a one on one coaching session with us, check our website and you will have all the information available to you there.

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