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Quantum Shifting made easy!

Welcome to the space of creation and reinvention!

In today’s post, we will be talking about what is quantum shifting, we will demystify it and discuss a few ways to jump to your desired reality.

So what is quantum shifting or quantum jumping?

In our previous posts, we have already talked about how there are infinite parallel universes, basically multiverse with different versions of you existing at the same time. There is a reality and a version of you being your desired self and living your dream life right this second. Quantum jump is making a jump from this reality to your desired reality.

This sounds too…sci-fi-ish? Too mystical even?

In simple words, quantum jumping is simply manifesting your desires and living the life that you want. It’s nothing different than manifesting.

You want a certain person, you manifest them.

You want a tangible, materialistic thing, you manifest it.

You want an opportunity, you manifest it.

You want to feel a certain way…love? Respect? Admiration? You manifest it.

And…you want a certain experience or a quality…you guessed it, you manifest it.

It is that simple.

Let us talk about a few methods to make the quantum shift.

1. First is obviously affirmations.

Affirmations are a foolproof tool of manifestation. As long as you are affirming what you want in present tense whenever the thought of your desire pops us, you are on the right track.

Just affirm you are living your dream life, you are your desired self, you are with your SP, you have amazing friends, you have your desired job and you are happy and peaceful.

Do not forget to affirm emotions.

2. The second is the 2 cup method.

It is quite simple, you take 2 cups, fill 1 up with water and identify that cup with your life right now, obviously the one which is lacking what you are trying to manifest. Associate the second cup with your life after the manifestation has come true.

As you pour water from one cup to the second, keep affirming your desire. Think of the water as you making the shift from the not-so-great reality to your desired reality. And then drink it, visualising that you are internalising and materialising those shifts as you drink that water.

3. Third is journaling.

This is my favourite one. I enjoy journaling and writing about the things that I want as if they have already happened. That is all you have to do. Write about your manifestation as if it has already come true. Write about how you felt when you found out it has finally manifested. How did your family or close ones react? What did you do next? Just keep writing and feel excited about it.

If anyone of these feels burdensome to you or you don’t enjoy it, DO NOT do it. There is no point in writing that you are happy if all you feel is your hand cramping from writing or you just wanting it to end because you don’t enjoy it.

Manifesting is a natural process, just like breathing, it is not a chore that you have to do against your wishes.

You can employ any of the manifestation techniques, there are a ton of them to choose from. The only goal is to impress the subconscious mind of your desired reality enough that it actually shows up.

Hope this helped!

If you want more posts or videos elaborating on terms or steps mentioned here, you can comment them down below. You can also leave your requests for the topics you want us to cover in the future.

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