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Law of Neutrality: Use this to reduce resistance while you manifest!

Welcome to the space of Creation and Reinvention!

This is a short post where we’ll be talking about the law of Neutrality. A lot of my clients and friends have told me that they don’t know how to “react” to unfavorable situations or how “to be” when they are in the process of consciously manifesting something. The biggest problem of all, according to me, is how to let go or how to detach.

If you understand the Law of Neutrality, things will start getting clearer and easier for you, especially when you think that the manifestations aren’t coming or that what is actually happening is the opposite of what you want to happen.

What is Neutrality?

Simply speaking, being neutral means there is no good or bad. It is a skill that we develop over time, especially when we trust in ourselves, we trust in the law of attraction, and we are in a place of calm, energetically.

Once we realize that we can change the course of our lives, and that this entire universe is rigged to give us what we want, then the negative situations will stop bothering us.

Why will I cry over spilled milk if I have an unlimited supply of milk?

You don’t need to think positively, you don’t need to affirm either. All you need to do is just “know”. Know that the Law of Attraction is working and just know that no matter what, you’ll get what you want. Once we are in the place where we know things are going to work out, then we are neutral to anything that comes in the way.

It's like watching a match that had already happened and you know that the ABC team will win. Before halftime, it might seem like the other team will win but it won't bother you, because you already know the result. Hence, you are neutral during the entire game.

Similarly, you know that you will get what you want, so you’re neutral even when bad things happen, even when the progress is slow. You just know.

Hope this helped!

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