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Use "Everyone is You Pushed Out" to manifest your Dream Life

Welcome to the space of creation and reinvention!

“Everyone is You Pushed out” is one of the most famous concepts brought to light by Neville Goddard.

If I have to summarise it, I would say that this concept states that everything around us, our surroundings, the people, relationships, everything is basically a projection of your own subconscious mind including the beliefs you are very well aware of and keep repeating consciously, for example, constantly complaining while saying “I will never find love” or beliefs you have no idea you have internalised.

Give it a thought for a second. Everything that has ever happened, you have manifested it.

This implies, Everything you want to happen, you can manifest it.

If you have not read our post on “Self-Concept”, you should probably do that because we discussed how to manifest anything outside, we first have to go inside.

Once you grasp the concept of Everyone is You Pushed Out, your self-concept is the first thing that you should be aware of and if need be, work on.

It is similar to a movie screening, the script is your self-concept, your beliefs and imagination while the movie playing is your 3D reality.

So anytime you are unhappy with something that is going on in your life, just remember you can change it, you can write a better script.

Now let us talk about how to use this concept to manifest under different situations.

First, people.

If there is a certain person you want to attract if there is a certain behaviour you want to see from an individual or a certain kind of behaviour you want them to stop indulging in.

Pause and remember, there is something going on in your conscious or subconscious mind which is causing them to behave a certain way. It could be a colleague who has it out for you or it could be hot and cold behaviour from your specific person. There is a belief somewhere in your mind that is causing them to behave a certain way, maybe you keep saying “so and so is mean to me for no reason” or “so and so is not the type to commit”.

If you want to change that, you know what to do, form your affirmations and repeat those every time you think about them.

Next, how to use EIYPO for situations.

You can start by imagining the end result of what you want. If you are unhappy in a job, you can start visualising yourself in a new job that you love and which checks all the boxes for your dream job. Do it consistently while remembering that it is coming.

You may not see “evidence” at the moment, but do not let it bring you down. It is coming. There is no other way about it because you have written the script and now the Universe has no choice but to project it in your 3D reality.

Hope this helped!

If you want more posts or videos elaborating terms or steps mentioned here, you can comment them down below. You can also leave your requests for the topics you want us to cover in the future.

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