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Vision boards: How to Finally get results!

Welcome to the space of Creation and Reinvention!

I am guessing that we already know what vision boards are. If not, just to summarize, it is a collection of visual representative pictures or quotes which portray the life you want to live and the goals you want to achieve.

It is a very common practice but what is not common is, getting results. In this post, we will talk about how to make those vision boards actually work.

First, a little back story…

One of my favourite past times is creating Pinterest boards! I would spend hours on Pinterest just looking at pictures that are appealing to me either aesthetically or as a vision for myself. I would save those images and look at them and think “one day!”.

What I did not know was that unknowingly, I had created a vision board for myself. But it did not work. I did not achieve the things I saw on the board. I was not living the life which I saw on my Pinterest boards.

Then I decided to make a physical vision board. It still did not work. I would look at it day and night. Isn’t that what I was supposed to do?

Then I made vision boards on my phone and set them as my backgrounds. Still, no result.

So what was I doing wrong?

It took me a while to figure out but I did. I realised that when I was looking at my vision board, I did not see myself in those pictures. It seemed more like a distant goal than anything. It was just that…a vision.

I was missing a key ingredient here. To identify me with it. To believe that the woman in those pictures is me and to act like it. Instead of thinking of all the goals as something I would achieve in future.

Once I fixed that, I started identifying myself as the person who is living her best life, I actually started seeing results.

Apart from physical vision boards or collages as backgrounds, you can try other things which will be easier to keep just to yourself or it could just be fun. No harm in trying.

The first is the vision journal. It is a lot like scripting. Take a few pictures as you would for a vision board, you can even draw or you can write quotes by hand or whatever you prefer. Take a picture and write the entire scene as if it was you who was living that moment. Write how you imagine it would go when you achieve it BUT in the present or past tense.

The next is a manifestation jar. In this, you can just drop some pictures or quotes in a jar. The jar can have a note on it saying that whatever goes in it, comes true (like a wishing well).

You can have fun with it. All these manifestation techniques are to make you feel good and have fun with them. Just make sure you are not looking at those pictures as a distant goal but something that you already have. See yourself embodying everything that you have put in your vision board. And see the magic!

Hope this helped!

If you want more posts or videos elaborating terms or steps mentioned here, you can comment them down below. You can also leave your requests for the topics you want us to cover in the future.

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