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Manifest your Dream Life using "Law of Assumption"

Welcome to the space of creation and reinvention!

In today’s post, we will be talking about the “Law of assumption”, which in my humble opinion, is quite easy to understand if you have understood “Everyone is You pushed out”. You can check out our post explaining the concept, “Everyone is You pushed out” here.

To keep it short and simple, Law of assumption states that whatever you assume to be true will eventually harden into a fact, regardless of whether it is actually true or not.

How many times do we respond to a negative situation with “I knew this would happen”, “I knew things were too good to be true” or “called it”.

That is because you assumed that something bad is bound to happen and so, Universe just gives you what you asked for.

Just like “Law of Attraction”, the “Law of assumption” is also always working.

Let us quickly move on to what we should do to make the “Law of Assumption” work in our favour consciously.

Firstly, always have intentions for your tasks and days. Start your days with “this is a good day” or any affirmation about your day going as great as it could be. I used to use affirmations like “I am thriving in my job” before going to work. Assume that the day will go great.

Next, whenever you meet someone new, assume that you will all get along well.

They have your best interests in their heart. It could be anything.

While manifesting a specific person, even if you have a bad history with them, just assume that they are missing you, they are texting you, they are in love with you.

Lastly, for any situation you are in, just assume that the situation will resolve with the best possible outcome. Or you can generalise it for any situation ever and affirm that every situation works out in a win-win situation.

Your assumptions will have to come true. That’s how it works. To harden your beliefs in your assumptions, repeat them just like affirmations or you can use any of the manifestation techniques for the same.

Hope this helped!

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